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It’s time for you to get an Xbox.

If you’ve avoided it this long, you might as well buy one now. Yes, there are tweaked SKUs shipping soon with a couple of ok pack in games, but if the live stats are any indication, all you care about is Halo 3 online anyhow.

Here’s a quick list of crap to buy if you haven’t begun to Finish the Fight.

Xbox 360 Console Includes 20GB Hard Drive (with HDMI)

Halo 3

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Halo 3 Gold Card

Walmart will decide who wins the HD Format war.

John Romero tries to antagonize his way back into relevance.

iTunes on Ubuntu just to spite Vista?

Software Piracy Amnesty Day

Apple hiring multi-touch engineer?

One more thing: Leopard’s key feature to be Multi-Touch.

Gearing up to switch back to Mac.

Just how relevant is Japan now, anyhow?

Our Wii Launch Party

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