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Begging for Diggs: It’s just not worth it.

beggingDigg is pretty interesting tool for an author, and a well ranked story can literally pay dividends in Ad Sense revenue. And like most tools that can add traffic (and revenue), it’s ripe for abuse.

I know a guy who has his employees digg his articles. Pretty shameless, but knowing him and his personality, it’s to be expected. He’s had his hand slapped before for spamming public message boards begging for diggs, but legally I suppose there is nothing stopping him make his employees do his bidding, ethics and integrity be damned.

What will stop him, at least from bugging me over AIM is the “block user” function. He is a nice enough guy, and we occasionally talk, but mainly I just get IMs from him with links to Digg. Ironically, he usually doesn’t reply, or digg things, when i send messages back with links to my own content.

At any rate, the point I am getting at is this- don’t be a whore begging your peers for diggs on AIM. You’re going to end up losing access to those peers, and for what- a dozen diggs? That’s nothing. A statistical fart. Having been dugg before in a big way, I can say that getting to the front page is out of your hands. The nerd herd will take to it and light it on fire, or it will sit there and sink. Your 40 buddies have dick all to do with this process, so why get a reputation for being annoying, or worse, a spammer?

My advice, if you want a good digg rate, is to worry more about just writing good stuff. It will circulate if it’s good. Don’t worry about the immediate digging from your crew- it’s worse than when Ad agencies set out to make lame “viral” campaigns. Focus on the content, and if the internet likes it, the internet likes it. Oh, wildly speculative apple rumors go over well too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go AIM everyone I know to digg this.

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