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How to get “Back to my Mac” without .mac. Or Leopard.

mac guy“Back to my mac”is one of those Leopard features that sounds damn cool; I’ve got an always on, broadband connection on my iMac at home, and it does sound compelling to grab random projects, or music, or whatever from any other mac connected to the internet. Almost worth paying the $99 a year for .mac- until I realized it only takes about 5 minutes and a slight knowledge of how your networking gear works to do it for free.

If you’ve opened up ports in your router to get optimum speeds on Bit Torrent transfers, you can do this fairly easily. Continue reading »

An open letter to the Chicago Creative Community.

Alienating your customers is not a revolutionary idea.

Create your own value. They can generate their own revenue.

Broadcast Production kicks the shit out of Print Production.